Ecology and Environment

Ecological aspects and the environment Carbon-negative construction since 2014.

metsä järvi ekologisuus hiilinegatiivinen crosslam clt

Eco-friendliness is a fundamental aspect in all our operations.

Homes and schools built with real wood make for healthy living and learning environments. Our Crosslam CLT panels are manufactured individually for each site. Our production process consumes very little energy, and the minor material losses resulting from the process get a new life in small-scale structures, furniture, or in heat production.

Crosslam CLT is a carbon-negative product.

We are creating a form of sustainable construction, which involves extensive efforts to protect the environment and climate. After many years of development work, Crosslam CLT is one of the most ecological building materials on the market.

Certified quality

The RTS EPD Environmental Product Declaration provides a reliable introduction to the environmental impacts of construction items. All RTS EPDs are voluntary and impartial. The data is presented according to the European standard EN 15804. An RTS EPD is a type III eco-label.